Paradise Hills progress report

Progress continues on the building of our new Ace Hardware store. Out front, the facade is getting a face lift with a new raised feature and new stucco. In the back of the store, steel is being set for the new 5,000 square foot Outdoor Living area where we will have a large selection of pottery, decor, soils, fertilizers and other gardening products. Inside, as you can see from the pictures below, HVAC is in, insulation is getting set and a new steel beam has been placed to carry the roof load. At this point, things should start to happen pretty fast – we plan on moving in around November 9, working hard setting the store and be open in time for Black Friday! Wish us luck 🙂

2015.10.15ProgressIMG_1452 2015.10.15ProgressIMG_1453 2015.10.15ProgressIMG_1454

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